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                       9:00AM:  Doors Open    

    9:00AM - 10:00AM:  Registration Sign-in and Complimentary Continental Breakfast

  10:00AM - 10:30AM:  Gathering Music by                             and "The Voice of Praise"


  10:30AM - 12:00PM:  Morning Session - Emcee:  


                                       10:30AM - 11:30AM:  Talk 1 -                            (National Service Committee of Catholic Charismatic Renewal)

                                                                         "How Can I Keep From Singing" 


                                       11:30AM - 12:00PM:   Praise Music by                           and "The Voice of Praise" 


  12:00PM -   1:00PM:   Lunch (Bring A Bag Lunch / Go To Local Eateries)


    1:00PM -   1:15PM:   Gathering Music by                             and "The Voice of Praise"


    1:15PM -   3:30PM:   Afternoon Session - Emcee:  


                                        1:15PM - 2:15PM:  Talk 2 -                            (National Service Committee of Catholic Charismatic Renewal)

                                                                      "Unworthy To Stand, I Bow Down" 

                                        2:15PM - 2:30PM:  Break 


                                        2:30PM - 2:45PM:  Gathering Music by                           and "The Voice of Praise"  


                                        2:45PM - 3:05PM:  Witness -                                  (Duquesne Weekend Attendee)


                                        3:05PM - 3:25PM:  The Ark and The Dove -                               (Board Member)


                                        3:25PM - 3:30PM:  Emcee Remarks by                                       and Praise Music by                             and "The Voice of Praise"  

   3:30PM -  4:00PM:  Break and Preparation for Liturgy (Fr. Bill Cosgrove and Deacon Christopher Mendoza)

   4:00PM -  5:00PM:  Closing Liturgy, Celebrant:                                            , Archbishop Of New York   

Archdiocese Of New York Catholic Charismatic Renewal Annual Conference Schedule

Tom Mangan
Tom Mangan

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Tom Mangan
Tom Mangan

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