In Memoriam - Barbara Marino

In Memoriam - Barbara Marino

Our beloved Barbara Marino went home to Jesus on Monday August 26, 2006.

Barbara was a member, leader and elder in the Anawim Prayer Group in New City New York for almost 20 years.

She came to the Charismatic Renewal during the Conference in New Orleans in the 1980’s. She had planned to go just to give her husband Al some support and go to some Cajun Cooking Classes. Little did she know that this was God’s plan for her. She went to the evening session of the conference and next thing you know she was praising the Lord and singing to him. That was her Baptism in the Holy Spirit and this opened up for her a whole new life in the Spirit. She became a Prayer Group Leader, a Life in the Spirit Seminar Leader and an Elder in the Prayer Group.

During her illness, she kept saying that she wanted to go “home” Well she is home with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit now. We will miss her for a time, but look forward to seeing her again in all the beauty and wonder and awe of God in heaven.

By: Ellen Rice


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